A Simple Key For wharapp Unveiled

No single route is better than the opposite. These different paths are best for different persons which cause a similar God.

u r sweet sona...i don't want to khona..i want a spot in ur heart kona..other intelligent i will strat rona..atleast good day to ker lo na..By Zani worst status for whatsapp

Parents ought to present their daughter intellectuality and power of data when she leaves for husband’s home. They need to give her a dowry of knowledge.

kya meri nak tedi hai. ankhen mendki jesi hai. surat se besharm lagta hoon, pagal hoon akal nahi mujhe... phir kise ne aisa kiyo kaha meri surat tumse milte hai.............?

shayari for facebook which implies that the human beings should have victory over their pran and apan Consequently controlling and having victory over their mind reach better expertise and consciousness.

Dil jo tutega to fariyaad karoge tum. Hum na rahe to hume yaad karoge tum. Aaj to kehte ho hamare go waqt nahi, par ek din mere liya waqt barbad karoge tum..........Sochna Zaroor yashu..........By Meetu

Mar_8:38 Thus whoever shall be ashamed of Me and of My Words During this adulterous and sinful era, the Son of Person shall also be ashamed of him when He comes from the glory of His Father with the holy angels.

Haunter is derived from haunt, as ghosts are recognised more info to do. It may be a corruption of "hunter".

Black two It likes to lurk in the dead of night and tap shoulders with a gaseous hand. Its touch brings about unlimited shuddering.

“The worst type of crying was not The sort everyone could see--the wailing on street corners, the tearing at clothing. No, the worst form transpired when your soul wept and it does not matter what you probably did, there was no approach to consolation it.

koi ik adh sapna hu tu phir acha bhi lagta hay...hazaroon khawab ankhoon me saja ker kuch nahain milta...use kehna k palkoon for each na tankay khwab ki jhalar...samander k kinare gher bana ker kuch nahain milta sana mujahid

Dil jis ko dia woh delhi challi gayee, piyaar jis se kia woh itly chali gayee, Dil ne socha khudkushii kar ke dhekain, haath switch principal dia tu bijlii challi gayee..By Waleed paracha

Ajab aarzoo anokhi talab hai, tujhee se tujh ko maangna chaahataa hoonBy masoodahmed Meri dua hai k teri sabse

Kaun sa gham hai jo yeh haal bana rakha hai, na to makeup hai, na baalon ko sajaa rakha hai, aur khama-kha cherti rehti hai yeh rukhsaaron ko, Tum ne zulfon ko bohut sar pe chara rakha hai YA HATH MUJHE DE DE THAKUR

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